How to Book

Booking a yacht is a simple procedure. All you have to do is select a destination and the yacht and contact our booking department. We shall contact you with our precise offer, and once you decide on all the details (yacht, date, charter base), you will receive our offer and make your payment as advised in there. To avoid any misunderstanding, please read this brief information about booking a charter yacht.

1. Select your yacht and your destination (your starting marina or area of navigation). When you are selecting the marina, keep in mind the transportation available, sort of charter (one-way or return) and yacht availability. On our internet page you will find complete information on all the yacht that we have and the marinas where they are available. For most of the yachts we can also organise their transfer from there to another marina, however this is charged additionally. Also, transfers are sometimes not possible due to lack of time, however, every case is specific and we will agree with the details together at the moment of making the booking. When you are selecting a yacht, keep in mind the number of the guests, as well as accommodation of the skipper or the hostess if you decide to have them.
Also, please state any additional equipment or service (sport equipment, outboard engine,
spinnaker, ... ) you may wish to have.
Browse our offer of yachts for charter and contact us with your enquiry about a particular
yacht, or send us an e-mail with all relevant information (yacht type, charter dates, number of
guests, number of cabins, area of navigation, skipper, additional equipment, ...) and we shall
contact you with our offers. You may also complete the booking form available on our pages.

2. Once we receive your inquiry, we shall e-mail to you our offer related to one or more
yachts corresponding to your wishes.
You will receive yacht information, a few photos and the equipment list. If you have any
further questions about the yachts, please do not hesitate to contact us, and once you select
a yacht; please conform this by a brief e-mail message confirming the yacht, charter dates,
charter base and the number of persons.
Once you receive our offer, you will have a few days to decide - we are in possibility to keep
the yacht for you only for a few days (3), therefore it is important that you decide in time,
especially if the booking reservation is already on.
Please keep in mind that the sooner you contact us the better; because the longer you wait the
bigger chance will be that your yacht is already booked.

3. Once we receive your booking confirmation, we shall send you a pro-forma invoice.
The charter conditions are published on our internet pages, and we do recommend you to read
them. When you receive our pro-invoice, you will have to pay a part of the charter fee right away,
and a part till up to 45 days before your charter commencement.
When we receive the full charter fee from you, about two weeks before the charter we shall
send you the embarkation voucher (do not forget bringing it with you).
This completes the booking procedure.
Please contact us about any further information.

Charter Conditions !

Charter Conditions

These General Conditions of Charter make integral part of the Charter Agreement and are
confirmed by signatures of the parties thereto.

Charter fee

the vessel charter fee includes use of the vessel and all the devices on the vessel.

(Harbour fees, other duties and fuel are not included in the charter fee.)


Booking cancelation

If a Charterer is to cancel the charter, they may, subject to agreement with the Agency, find
another person who will accept their rights and obligations.
Otherwise, the charter cancellation costs shall be charged as follows:

If the Charterer cancels the charter for valid reasons (severe injury, death in the family, war
and etc.), the funds already paid shall not be returned to the Charterer but the Agency will
enable their using of the vessel in another vacant period of time in the same or the next season.

Taking vessel into possession

The vessels provided by the Agency shall be fully equipped, with their fuel tanks full and in
faultless condition, the same being expected at the redelivery of the vessel (including full fuel

Otherwise, the Charterer shall be charged the costs of fuel and taking the yacht to the petrol
The vessel shall be given into possession at the contracted place and time (by 17:00 pm). If
the Charterer does not take the vessel into possession within 48 hours, the Agency shall have
the right to terminate the Agreement.
If the Agency cannot place the vessel at disposal at the contracted place and within 24 hours
from the contracted time, or place at the Charterer's disposal another similar of better vessel,
the Charterer shall have the right to terminate the Agreement and demand repayment of the
charter fee.
In this case, the Agency shall only repay the charter fee, it shall be liable to pay no other
At taking the vessel into possession, the Charterer will carefully inspect the condition of the
vessel and the equipment as stated in the Inventory List. Any hidden defects of the vessel or
its equipment, that the Agency could not have been aware at passing the possession of the
vessel, and any defects that occurred after passing the possession of the vessel shall entitle the
Charterer to no decrease of the charter fee.
If the navigation cannot be continued for any reason whatsoever, or the return time limit is to
be inevitably exceeded, the Charterer shall advise the Base Manager accordingly and shall
receive further instructions from him. In case of exceeded return time limit, the Charterer
shall bear all the costs caused thereby to the Agency.
The vessel should be in the base by 08:00 am. on the last day of the charter (it is
recommended to return to the base in the evening of the previous day).
Exceptions are possible if they are agreed with the Agency beforehand.
If the Agency or its representatives have the impression that the vessel skipper is not skilled
in operating the vessel, they may prohibit the vessel to sail. In such cases the Agency shall
try, as much as possible, to instruct the Charterer at his cost.

Safety deposit

At the moment of taking the possession of the vessel, the Charterer shall pay the security
deposit in line with the valid pricelist, which deposit shall be returned in full if the vessel is
redelivered undamaged and timely. The security deposit shall be paid in cases of skippered
charters as well.
The Charterer shall bear all the costs related to lost parts of equipment and any damages
caused by improper handling.


The vessel shall be insured against all risks, liabilities to third persons and force majeure. The
insurer shall assess the damages against the previously established value of the vessel and the
level of the risk.
If an average occurs in course of the navigation, the Charterer should immediately advise the
Agency or the Base Manager and he shall receive further instructions from him.
In cases of mayor averages and averages involving other vessels, this will be reported to the
Agency and the competent Harbourmaster's Office, and the average record shall be made
(stating the course of the event, the damages) for the insurers. If the Charterer fails fulfilling
all the obligations, they may be charged the damages in full.
Sails are not included in the insurance and the Charterer shall bear all the costs of the
damages caused to them. The Charterer shall bear the costs of damages caused to the engine
resulting from lack of lubricating oil. The Charterer shall check the lubricating oil in the

engine daily.
Personal property will not be insured. The Charterer is recommended to contract this by
themselves in their country. The vessel crew shall be insured.

Charterer's obligations

The Charterer has to sail within the Croatian waters only.
The Charterer should not:

The number of persons on board shall be in line with the Crew List. The Charterer shall
accept full responsibility about violation of the above.
The Charterer, or the vessel skipper, hereby declare that they are skilled in all maritime skills
and that they hold the permits required for operating of the vessel at open sea as well as the
radio-operator certificate, which he shall present.
In case of breakdown of the vessel or its equipment, the Charterer shall immediately notify
the Agency accordingly at one of the telephone numbers provided in the vessel documents.
Upon receipt of the notice, the Agency shall repair the defect in question.
If the vessel or its equipment is lost, any further navigation is impossible, the vessel is
confiscated or forbidden by state authorities or third persons to sail, the Charterer must notify
the competent authorities and the Agency. In case of noncompliance with the above, the
Charterer shall be fully liable to the Agency related to any consequences therefore, and they
hereby guarantee for that. The Charterer is strictly forbidden to bring any diving equipment
and pets on board the vessel, unless it is agreed with the Agency otherwise beforehand.


Only complaints made in writing, signed by both parties and filed immediately upon vessel
redelivery shall be taken into consideration.

Solving of disputes

Any disputes resulting from the Charter Agreement that cannot be solved amicably shall be
presented for trying to the court of jurisdiction in Split.

Privacy Policy

1. Accepting term of use
By the use of these web sites or any of the services of Yachting Spalacia offer you accept conditions of use stated below.
If you are not in accordance with the conditions of use do not go through the pages.

2. Personal data
These web sites are only for your personal and noncommercial use.
Your private data will be required only if you show interest to make a reservation of the services from our offer.
Yachting Spalacia appreciate your privacy and assure you that a full protection of your privacy is guaranteed.
Your data will be given only to a provider of the service booked and paid through Yachting Spalacia system.
Your private data will be also used to inform you on novelties in our offer.
If you do not wish to receive any notice from Yachting Spalacia please inform us.

3. Property
Yachting Spalacia is limited liability company from Split.
Yachting Spalacia is a sole owner of the size and content released on these pages unless otherwise stated.
The contents not owned by Yachting Spalacia will therefore be specified and at owner's request withdrawn from sites.
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4. Information on the site
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1. What permits do I need to charter a yacht without a skipper?

Operating a chartered yacht requires a valid Skipper Licence and a Radio-Operator Certificate
(both documents are to be international or issued in Croatia).
If you do not have them, you may obtain them from the Harbourmaster Offices in Croatia
after completing a brief course and passing a test. On board, at all times, are to be held
original documents (not copies), as well as a certified Crew List. Read more on chartering of
yacht without a skipper and on maritime regulations.

2. I intend to hire a skipper: what are our mutual obligations?

A skipper is to take care of operating and maintaining the yacht

3. When are we to check in and out? How flexible is the yacht owner about this?

Normally, the yachts are embarked (checked in) on Saturdays at 17:00 pm and disembarked
(checked out) on Saturdays by 09:00 am. Outside the main season, in spring and autumn,
yachts may be chartered also for period of time longer or shorter than a week.
This is when more yachts are available, and we are able to take this kind of requests in

4. What happens if I am to cancel a charter?

If you are to cancel a charter, you may find another person to charter the yacht instead of you
and under the same conditions.
Otherwise we keep a certain percentage of the total charter fee: 30% for cancelations at least 2
months before the charter commencement date, 50% for cancelations at least 1 month before
the charter commencement date100% for cancelations within the last month prior to the
charter commencement date.

5. Are your yachts insured, what is the purpose of the security deposit and are there any
additional costs that we shall have to pay?

All members are insured. In case of an accident, you are to advice us (your charter agency) as
well as the nearest Harbourmaster Office that will assess the damages and the responsibility.
The security deposit makes a security to be used in case of an accident, and will be repaid to
you at your check-out.
The basic charter fee includes the yacht with her standard equipment, linen, kitchen utensils
and compulsory crew (if any).
Additional costs include an outboard engine, fuel, final cleaning, harbour dues, additional
crew and costs of damages incurred while the yacht was in your control.

NOTE: Please read the Charter Conditions carefully to learn all the information in further

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